Latin America

Iván Cruz Osorio – Mexico

Poet Iván Cruz Osorio shares a piece of his poetry.

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Universal Book Night is:

✅ An international event, supporting and celebrating books as the foundation of a healthy society.
✅ Addresses all generations of readers, from the youngest to the oldest.
✅ Addresses the professional, business and wider publics.
✅ Connects everyone working in the area of books and reading, also connects them with readers
✅ Encourages an increase in reading, literacy and the values of imagination in the society
✅ Vision: a world-wide project that connects and empowers cultures and languages across the globe
✅ It is a non- & trans-commercial project
✅ It respects and encourages the use and expression of every language and culture in the world
✅ It encourages cooperation among all vital organizations in every country/culture
✅ Appreciation of the principles of creativity & freedom of expression
✅ It helps build world awareness and to support culture and creativity
✅ The awareness that reading offers a foundation for a healthy society and healthy individuals; it encourages and empowers the principles of knowledge, creativity, innovation, invention, enterpreneurship, sovereignty

Join us dreaming anywhere – on the internet, in a dream, in your imagination … anywhere on planet Earth, or beyond!

Honourable patron: Unesco - Commission for Slovenia
Initiator and coordinator of the project – Sanje:
Support: Radio Slovenia, Slovenian Book Agency

Yana Lucila Lema Otovalo – Kichwa Otavalo indigenous people (Ecuador)

Video-conversation with a poet from the Kichwa indigenous community. She speaks about the situation of indigenous communities in Ecuador, their languages, literature and culture and shares a traditional story from her community and some of her poetry. You can also hear how poetry sounds in Kichwa language! #poetry #poesia #UniversalBookNight #LaNochedelLibroUniversal #connectingcultures