Book Night is …

∞ An international event, supporting and celebrating books as the foundation of a healthy society.
∞ Addresses all generations of readers, from the youngest to the oldest.
∞ Addresses the professional, business and wider publics.
∞ Connects everyone working in the area of books and reading, also connects them with readers
∞ Encourages an increase in reading, literacy and the values of imagination in the society
∞ Vision: a world-wide project that connects and empowers cultures and languages across the globe
∞ It is a non- & trans-commercial project
∞ The honorary patron of the project: UNESCO (Slovenia, Croatia …)
∞ It respects and encourages the use and expression of every language and culture in the world
∞ It encourages cooperation among all vital organizations in every country/culture
∞ Appreciation of the principles of creativity & freedom of expression
∞ It helps build world awareness and to support culture and creativity
∞ The awareness that reading offers a foundation for a healthy society and healthy individuals; it encourages and empowers the principles of knowledge, creativity, innovation, invention, enterpreneurship, sovereignty

Join us dreaming anywhere – on the internet, in a dream, in your imagination … anywhere on planet Earth, or beyond!

An ethnologist says there are now 7,105 living languages, with 906 “dying” and 1,481 “in trouble.” In truth, nobody knows exactly how many languages there are because so many of them are undocumented…
Read more in an interview with Alexander Arguelles.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
~Nelson Mandela

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